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Mr. Abe

Owner/BarberHe was 14 years old in Elizabeth, New Jersey when he first took interest in the art of barbering. Abraham asked the owner if he can hangout there and learn. He went everyday after school to watch the barbers at the barbershop, the same place he grew up getting his haircut every two weeks. He knew the owner as Pinocho, a very close friend to his family. He taught him so much. All the tricks to the trade. Abraham came to Florida in 1999 and finished high school here and went straight to get his styling license. Fast forward to now, he is living out his dream of owning his own barber shop. Helping bring back the art of barbering. With his team he hopes to bring a great barber shop experience and service to his clients and community.


Barber – Aramis, also known as Cuba, started cutting hair in the Cuban Navy. He then later came to the United States. In 1994 he started at Pinochos barber shop, the same place where Mr. Abe started. He continued to cut in Pinochos barber shop until 2004. He is a very experienced barber and specializes in old fashioned haircuts and flat tops. This skill he holds is a skill that many barbers in the industry can not perfect.


Barber – Started in Cleveland, Ohio where Kelvin was born and raised. He moved to Central Florida in 1999 where he perfected his fading and overall cutting techniques. Well versed in all types of hair and styles with over 18 years of experience which includes owning, managing, and teaching. He is continuously keeping up with the latest education, trends, and styles to better serve the community. Follow him on Instagram @kelvinq_216

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